5 reasons why photographers don't give away all the images


In the world of everything digital the opportunities are limitless. We create millions of photos and it never seems enough. So why when we ask a photographer to give all the photos he/she has taken during the session we get a negative answer?

Reason #1 Most likely you won't be able to open them

Photographers shoot in special format (RAW) which helps to retain maximum information (endless possibilities for retouching and, sometimes, saving the shot). Sounds like it's the coolest format in the world till you actually try and open it without special software.

Reason #2 Funny and weird faces

Before deciding on the photos to be post-processed the photographer look through the whole set, skipping the ones where you blinked, hunched too much or was saying something at the moment the portrait was taken. You don't seriously think the photographer would keep the best shots away from you?

Reason #3 Post-processing is a part of the artistic processs and a photographer's job

Post-processing is where the magic is going on. You want to look you best and that's where the photographer makes sure your needs are met. Besides the obvious removal of flaws, the photographer might add more to the mood of the image by using professional software and artistic taste. And, afterall, those garbage bins (or passers-by) on the backgroud will not dissapear on their own.

Reason #4 Respect

You'd ask «So what, what's the harm? I'll just keep them for myself?». But the question is  «Do you really wanna see them?». Showing raw (unedited) images to the client is next to being rude and disrespectful. We want to see magic, the better version of ourselves: graceful, beautiful, radiant…And that's what photographers do see about you. They don't lie, they just bring up what they see. Not so many people want to see blunt truth – we have mirrors for that. So why would be even ask to look at these?  Photographers respect you and show you the best – so that you are happy with the results (and admit that you are indeed a beauty).

Reason #5 The harm is real

The last but not the least reason is harm to the photographer's brand and image. If you decide to show the raw images to your relatives (or, God forbids) upload them on FB or elsewhere online, what would people think of him/her? That you've found a crappy photographer and no one want a reputation like this.

And sometimes, despite the efforts and hard work, some portraits just don't look the way the photographer intended them to be, so he/she lets them go. And so should you...

Stay safe and never ask a photographer for unedited images.