Hi! I’m Diana Kravchenko and I’m a San Diego County portrait photographer. Photography is part of my life, since the moment I was born. It preserves our memories, later on it supports, feeds and refreshes them. Sometimes photographs create “memories”, as they were taken long before we could remember anything. Photography is an amazing gift and I’m beyond happy to share it with you.


Creating portraits is not exclusively about choosing the right settings and releasing the shutter, it’s about connection and trust. To look better in photos, we need to relax and let it go, and to do so we need to know each other better.


Let’s start with 10 fun facts about me:


  • I’m from Ukraine and 99% Eastern European (yep, I checked, unless National Geographic mixed something up)
  • I used to teach foreign languages, even worked at public school for some time. And yes, I’ve sent students to detention :)​
  • I don’t like sour dough and bunnies freak me out
  • I’m a mom to a 6-year-old boy and a friend to a big black guinea pig.
  • I hate staying at home. I’m all about moving around, exploring new places and getting to know new people
  • My favorite place to be would be a beach in the Caribbean. As much as I love California beaches, I keep daydreaming about the Caribbean.

I hope once I’ll get to meet you, you’ll share some fun facts about yourself with me as well!