"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." Ansel Adams


Everybody needs to have their portraits taken, from newborns to more mature ladies. Of course, senior photography is at its peak now, however, there's a category of women who miss it all.

They are wives, moms, they are our grandmoms. They are beautiful, they are amazing, they are worthy. Worthy of a gift of portrait. 

A lot of my clients reveal that having their photos taken, as opposed to annual family pictures, is a relaxing and empowering process at the same time. They get attention, they get care, they get to look and feel beautiful. 

Choosing a location

It's all about YOU, so you tell me what type of location you are craving for and I'll offer you some options (considering the location opps, crowds around, etc). 

How to get ready

Grab an extra outfit, we can add more variety to a portrait session by introducing more of your stunning wardrobe finds. Get your hair made, wear false eyelashes, be the woman you wanna be! 

Hesitant as for what to put on? Shoot me a quick message, we'll figure out the best options for you.