“A family is a circle of strength of love with every birth and every union the circle grows.”(c)

Kids and family photo shoots are a lot of fun, no matter where they take place - at home or outside. Generally, I prefer mornings since it's the time of the day when kids and parents are at their full energy levels. Luckily, we have so many beautiful locations to choose from here in San Diego area: parks, gardens, open-air museums, beaches. It can be a photo journalistic style aka a walk in the park, a trip to the ocean or a small family gathering at home. I have a lot of suggestions, but the choice is yours. Whatever helps you feel more relaxed and happy as a family will make the portraits better. Choose a place that means something to you, that makes your heart sing. Afterall, the place does play important role in your mood. Some people choose a beach as a soothing place, some opt for a park where they were having their wedding reception and now expecting their first child, others find romance in regular places no one notices...

Bring the people you want to have on your portraits and share the moment with them. Grandparents, aunts, godparents, even pets (if the location allows any)! And most importantly, remember that moms and dads will be in the picture as well - you need to exist in photos for your children.