Beach wedding session


Beach wedding are fairly common in San Diego, and there's a good reason for this: local beaches make perfect backgrounds for photography sessions. ​However, this wedding session was quite an usual one: the bride planned the whole thing while being outside the country.

We planned it, half a planet away, carefully, with a lot of love and passion, thinking over the location, the feel of the session. The time contraints were bothering us a lot - between the end of the ceremony and the sun going down we hardly had any time for portraits at all. 

It was a very nervous moment for me, as a photographer, I was really worried we wouldn't have enough time. But I took a deep breath and reassured them that we'll end up with amazing portraits. 

We went with the flow, not thinking about the time limits and the lighting, and the guys "warmed up" so fast that even the first shots were amazing!

The session went so smoothy and was over in 30 minutes or so. The bride and groom were more than pleased with the whole thing, but the moment of the session delivery was the best: they loved the results so much, they couldn't stop repeating: "We are so glad we went with you! You are the best".