Cake smash with Ella


​I say this session coming the day baby Ella was born.

I've photographed her since she was in her mom's belly!

We spent so much time thinking about a perfect location, since we wanted to have an outdoor cake smash, way too much to be frank.

Then we just came to a conclusion that all we need is a clear are with more or less solid vegetation and close to the parking lot.

We knew the perfect spot for this!

There's no need for breathtaking views when choosing a location for a cake smash, just a clearing.

As for the theme, we chose classic pink with a bit of golden sparkle: pink and golden crown and flags in the background, pink fluffy balls and a pink cake.​

Since we'll stay at one spot for the whole session and we'll be carrying a lot of stuff (props, background stand, a blanket, wet wipes and, of course, the cake, etc). 

Anyhow, the session went with flying colors, and here's these portraits are the proof of it.