Newborn session with Londyn


I've known this family since it was a family of four: mom, dad, and two wonderful boys. I've captured them happy together frolicking in the park and having fun at the beach later on, and got to known that they were dreaming of adding a baby girl to their family. 

Dreams come true, and, I heard the great news: they are expecting and this time, it's a girl! Of course they asked me to be their newborn photographer! 

Before I had used pretty food to start the session with: we had baby shower cupcakes for a maternity session, and yummy smelling freshly baked croissants to spice up the newborn session.

This time we had donuts for breakfast.

It seems like just 10 minutes and such a triffle, really, however, it warms everybody up in no time! The boys were so excited: donuts for breakfast, it's unheard of (and a secred dream of any person, right?). 

I was clicking away. I'm so grateful for my clients supporting me in my ideas, accepting them and loving the results. And, most importingly, having fun with me!