Red Vietnam


There was a day when I picked up one of the coffee books and I fell in love with it instantly.

It was about Paris wearing different colors. I could look at the photos for hours, admiring the vision: yellow flowers, bikes, signs, books, umbrellas, cars, house doors; red bottles, shoes in the street, writings on the wall, everything is so simple and day-to-day, but when put together properly it looks magnificent!

I was trying to carry out the same project in San Diego, but failed. Partially, because I couldn't feel the vibe of things here and because I didn't regard the city as colorful enough. 

But one day we went to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and, without even realizing it I picked up red, which seemed to rule the city (literally, since it's a Communist country, and figuratively speaking).

And this is when the project went off. The process was so captivating! I saw red color everywhere: souvenirs, buildings, scooters even while window shopping! I kept shooting everywhere. 

Once we left the city, the "red fever" came to an end. I think it's some kind of muse that visits you and then waves you goodbye once she's bored. Well, I must admit I had had as much as I needed by that time, so I just let her go.