5 reasons to print your photos


It’s the age of digital technology, however we rarely think beyond it. I’m pro printing photos and here’s why.

Prints are physical

Whereas digitals are not. If you happen to lose your images, you’ll end up having nothing (click on the link to read about 5 best ways to back up your photos). Don’t print every single one of them, but those that have major significance for you and future generations. Store them in a photo box or put them in an album, you’ll thank yourself one day.

Use them as décor

Nowadays there are thousands of phoho print services that allow you to create home décor with your own photos: from regular enlarged prints and canvases, photocubes to blankets, pillows and shower curtans. This way you’ll surround yourself with pleasant memories and emotions connected with the images.

Proper presentation of your impressions

Imagine that a friend of yours mentions your trip to Hawaii and then you open your laptop and go through the pile of images (disorganized in 99% of case)  you took there.  Yikes! There’s a better way to present your trip: create a photo book and see the difference.

Memories and connection with your kids

You want your kids to remember their long-distance grandparents or every fun moment they had with you? Print the photos and put them in the nursery. Opt for fun frames – kids love them!

Fun education

The opportunities of creating photo books are endless so why don’t you create a book filled with your images that would be educational as well. Teaching ABC or history, geography, it’s up to you to decide. Get creative!