5 simple ways to backup your photos


You don't think about it untill it hits you – something happens to your phone or SD camera card and you've lost everything: photos of your kid, cute baby pics, fun selfies with your hubby, family vacation video…Yesterday it was on a tiny smart SD card inside of your phone or camera and today it's gone.

Before it happens to you – back up your photos!

You have tons of options, including free storage, you just have to choose one (or a couple – even safer!).


Shutterfly offers free photo storage for all its members. You also get to share them with whoever you want and that might come in handy too.

Amazon cloud

The pioneer of the cloud service Amazon.com offers free photo storage for Prime members. The service is really convenient and safe, plus you get to share the photos (links, Facebook, email).

Your hard-drive

This way might not be the easiest for Apple users, but it's still possible and its free. If you have a Macbook, opt for external drive once the internal drive is full.


Another cloud service that offers keeping your documents, photos, videos, whatever you want. 

Print the photos

This one might be the least obvious of them all, but still it helps. Old-school print and store works great. Opt for custom made photo books or just store the prints in photo collection boxes. They last forever there.  

Technology changes so fast – few people now remember they used to put data on CD and it wasn't even that long ago. Formats change a lot, but there's still no way to make a digital photo last forever. Internal, external disks, Cds, USBs get broken easily, cloud services do not guarantee 100% success in storing your data as well (it's a part of an actual clause in their license agreement as well), so go old school too, print the photos just in case. Get to know more ideas about printing your photos here.