Family session in PQ


 Family sessions are never the same, even if the location is the same. The end result depends on so many factors: the family's mood, your mood, personalities you'll be capturing, the lighting, the list is fairly long. But enough with general information.This family, in particular, was super lucky: we had the whole park all to ourselves and brownish grassless soil gained that fresh green look.

This spring-ish look complimented both their complexion and their mood. I couldn't be happier!
On the downside, we had a kiddo who was feeling under the weather (a runny nose, crankiness and cute things like that).

Generally, I ask to reschedule a session if children don't feel well, but the parents decided that was the day and we totally pulled it off. We did have some ups and downs, however, we used them to our advantage and managed to create beautiful images to last for years.