Simple tips on how to look better in photos


Some people are insanely photogenic and some hate having their photos taken since they abhor every single one. Want to change the situation? No problem, as a photographer (and a person who used to hate portraits of her own), I have a bunch of helpful tips on how to look gorgeous in photos.

Relax your eyes and mouth

Take a minute and feel whether your eyes and mouth are relaxed or not. Most people tend to raise their eyebrows when in front of a camera and end up looking weird (aka surprised over God knows what). Make sure they stay where they belong. The same can be said about your mouth, just smile gently, feel how relaxed it is and be ready.

Figure out what your best side is

Most of people know their good side subconciously: the way they wear their hair parting, or what side of the face they tend to photograph when taking selfies. And don't forget to tell your photographer about it as well – you'll make yourself a big favor!

Take more selfies

I know the way it sounds, but taking selfies can actually improve your natural posing technique and gets you used to being photographed. Apart from this, you notice things more about yourself.

Be a pigeon

Here's a thing: everybody wants their neck to look good and nobody wants to have more than 1 chin. Have you ever seen the way pigeons walk? They move their head forward. You'll have to do the same: move your chin forward and a bit down. Practice in front of the mirror, look at fashion magazines – models use this trick all the time. Even Disney princesses know how to look gorgeous in photos without extra chins!

Hourglass body

Who doesn't dream of having a body like this? With a waistline really thing and stuff? Put your hands on your waist instead of your hips, with your thumbs on the back. Lean a bit forward with you chest, pull your shoulders and elbows back and you lower body back. This way you'll create an illusion of thinner waist and hips, fuller bossom and more narrow shoulders.

Stay positive

Try to relax and just have fun. Once you stop caring too much about how you look like. Worry shows so much in photos, ruining all the efforts.