Getting ready for the family session tips


​So you've booked a session with me and excited about the whole thing. Now what?

It's time to get ready for it!

​Once you've chosen the location there's more to think about, like outfits, to start with. 

Think about your outfits in terms of your style, mood of the session and atmosphere of the location you've chosen.

You tend to like see yourself as soft and elegant? Go with creamy colors, soft pastels, tans, light browns, soft and flowing fabrics.

Upbeat and fun? With with bolder colors, or pick gray hues and add some bright accessories: yellow, red.

Throw on a nice scarf, a hat or a headband to add a modern twist to portraits of you.  ​

  • Make sure everyone is well rested and fed. Pack snacks for younger kids, they might need to replenish their energy level during the session.
  • Have a kid under 1 year? Please do not introduce new products (food, new skin care products, etc) due to a possible allergy outbreak. 
  • Don't use new skin products on yourself as well for the same reason.
  • If you can arrange having your hair and makeup done professionally, do! Not only it'll set you in a great mood (you deserve some pampering!), but will also decrease the amount of stress while trying to get everybody (including yourself) ready for the photo session.
  • Don't be too hard on your kids and don't set expectation, just think of a photo session as a nice walk in the park, fun and relaxed activity.
  • As long as everybody is relaxed, I promise, the photos will turn out great!