Beach female portrait


​​Irene is one of my most frequent clients. For her, our photography sessions carries almost therapeutic function. It helps her look at herself differently: see an incredibly attractive young woman, not just a tired mom and a devoted wife.

I strongly believe that we all need this, afterall, we end up taking so many pictures of our kids with us missing there. And almost never, we have the luxury of having someone else taking our portraits. Why, we, moms, hardly have time for ourselves. Ever! 

Female portrait photography is not purely for seniors, it's for everybody! It's for exhausted moms that need to escape from that image at least for an hour or so, it's for more mature ladies, who might start questioning their good looks. It's for all of us!

Before heading out to a new location we thouroughly think over the image we want to create, however, we always go with the flow and the mood is usually created on the spot.

I love our sessions as much as Irene does.